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Wedding Makeup Video

wedding makeup video

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wedding makeup video - The Art

The Art of Pro Makeup: Wedding Edition, Professional Makeup Instruction and Lessons

The Art of Pro Makeup: Wedding Edition, Professional Makeup Instruction and Lessons

Become the most beautiful bride you can be by following Amanda's wedding skincare tips and gorgeous wedding day looks to create the most memorable experience possible! In 'The Art of Pro Makeup: Wedding Edition' Amanda Craft works with brides to develop the perfect looks to match their wedding, while looking astonishing in all their wedding photos for years to come! This professional instruction includes the Elegant Look for classic traditional weddings creating a sharp and beautiful bride, the Trendy Look for brides and weddings going for fresh and fun, as well as the Natural Look for brides focusing on their natural beauty. Lessons include tips for ensuring long lasting making and lips, using correct makeup so you look great in pictures, and skincare instruction weeks before the wedding!

Features Include:
-Modeling sessions of each look and lesson showing you exactly what to expect when you recreate the look!
-Full rundown of skincare before your big day including do it yourself at home remedies!
-Abundant before/after visuals so you never get lost on each step even after blending!
-Brand free makeup instruction!

85% (19)

27/365: 1/27/09

27/365: 1/27/09

Oh God, I probably shouldn't do this but I just can't help myself. I have no idea how I ended up with this tape!

This, my friends, is a videotape of the episode of The Jerry Springer Show on which a former partner of mine got married. (It wasn't Erin, just to be clear, since she's the ex I'm usually talking about.)

I'm not sure what's worse... the fact that I dated someone who had gotten married on Jerry Springer, or the fact that I knew that a short time into the relationship and continued to date her!!

Their part of the show went like this.... my ex stands by in a wedding dress, undecided about which of her two suitors to marry. Her two loves start to quarrel... of course... after all, it is Jerry Springer.

Potential spouse #1: Billy the drag queen. Now I love a drag queen as much as the next lesbian, but I have to say Billy was just not a very good drag queen. Billy had hairy legs, a bad wig, worse makeup, and a hideous yellow dress.

Potential spouse #2: In the tux, the scariest looking butch I have ever seen, "A." (Now, I can't use "A"'s real name here, cause "A" ended up being the chick the ex cheated on me with.)

Anyway. 15 or so yelling, screaming, crying, hair pulling, fingernail scratching minutes later, the ex is sobbing, covered in wedding cake, the bouquet is destroyed... "A" has some impressive clawmarks down the side of her face, and Billy, sans the wig, makeup smeared all over his face... comes out the winner. Billy and the ex exchange very hasty vows while the security dudes whisk "A" offstage.

Oh yeah.... to make it even better, the ex was already legally married to someone else at the time.

Yep. I continued to date this girl even after watching that video. And like I said, she cheated on me with "A" Kept it a secret for months, until a couple of days before my state nursing boards, when she "just felt so guilty" she had to get it off her chest. Bad timing. Selfish timing. Having your partner tell you they've cheated on you is bad enough... but knowing that your partner would prefer to sleep with someone she previously rejected on Jerry Springer?!?! Jesus!

Take it from me, kids.... don't ever date someone who ever got married on Jerry Springer. And that goes double if they are proud of it!

Oh..... dyke drama.

SaluteSalma : Outdoor Video Shoot

SaluteSalma : Outdoor Video Shoot

Pentacon 6 | Velvia 100

SaluteSalma during preparation for video shoot by Manggis, joined with Rupajiwa Studio

wedding makeup video

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