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Discount Makeup Cases

discount makeup cases

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I think I finally found the "just right bag" for me. And to celebrate, here you go.

Technically, not a good photo. And maybe not interesting. But it gives you a look into something you don't usually see.

I wanted to put up a neat quote about a lady's handbag from some girly movie, but I'm not really a typical lady. I don't want to fool anyone. You won't find makeup or secrets or things like that.

The first thing I do after giving birth and taking all of those pictures and whatnot is to have Luke pop my back. The reverberating crrrrrunch that is sure to sound is going to be very satisfying. I MIGHT even take it to a chiropractor after that. I feel like someone has dropped me and I've landed on my feet with all of my bones squishing together. I need someone to stretch me out.

My Olympus XA and its case

My Olympus XA and its case

With my Powershot recently on the fritz, I've been using my Olympus XA or XA2 more than anything else these days (not to say I've been taking a lot of photos lately). I got this calculator case with my XA when I bought it, and all this stuff fits inside it, zips up, and I toss that into my backpack or my inside coat pocket.

discount makeup cases

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