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cheap high quality makeup - High Quality

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Teenz Tristen cute

Teenz Tristen cute



Where to begin?

Well, first of all, Tristen's eyes are wonky yet not wonky. This was the first thing I noticed about her. Her left eye is distinctly higher in the socket than her right eye...yet her pupils are level. This is why I tend to frown on inset eyes in anything but BJDs. They inevitably get fucked up. I love the color and expression of her eyes though. Her makeup and eyelashes are flawless.

The second thing I noticed was that her earrings suck ass. They're typical MGA style with the dangly plastic silver shit, but the dangly part is stuck on a hook that doesn't close well enough. The dangles don't dangle so much as constantly fall off.

The rest of her jewelry is fine. I like the ring and bracelet on the right hand and I love both bracelets on the left.

Clothing quality is typical MGA. Those stockings? Sewn to the skirt. And one stocking has a gaping hole so the part the foot goes through hangs almost freely from the leg of the stocking. Typical MGA quality control. But everything was easy to get on and off, so points for that.

Now aside from the eyes, we come to my next biggest problem with this doll. HER HAT STAINED HER GODDAMN HEAD. Right in the middle of her forehead where I can't possibly get her wig to cover the mark. Bratz lovers who always whined when the prototype hat disappeared? Count your fucking blessings. You would have had tons of stained dolls. So my poor Tristen is permanently in this hat.

The wig isn't as bad as Arizona's shitty quality hair or Melrose's "Hi, this is my wig cap" style, but it is a lot more coarse than I expected. It's smooth and brushes nicely, but it's not soft or silky. Comes off fairly easily, but it's not dropping on the floor as much as her earrings do.

I measured her head for those that want to order higher end wigs for these girls. It was a little less than 6".

Body quality is...just okay. I'm used to dolls of this size being higher end, so it's weird for me to feel the lightness of this body. It feels cheap. But it IS cheap. This isn't a $150 Tonner here. The poseability is good, but not as good as Monster High. You go to pose her and expect the arms to go a little farther than they do. I like the overall shape of the body. Hands and feet are pretty.

By the way, 16" doll stuff WILL NOT work for these dolls. It's too big. You could use purses or maybe jewelry or something, but no clothes or shoes.

I'm really disappointed. I wanted to like this line. Hell, I wanted to LOVE this line. But I don't. I have an overpriced doll with a stained head, crappy earrings, a rough wig, and confusing eyes. And a sadly pretty face. A really, really beautiful face. A cute outfit and great shoes.

Lots of potential that MGA just couldn't deliver on.

EXCLUSIVE: Elissa's high quality pictures | ?????: ??? ????? ????? ??????

EXCLUSIVE: Elissa's high quality pictures | ?????: ??? ????? ????? ??????

EXCLUSIVE: Elissa's high quality pictures | ?????: ??? ????? ????? ??????

cheap high quality makeup

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